TAM is capable of designing, developing, integrating, producing, and servicing aircraft, aircraft components and aero-structures to meet customer requirements and expectations. TAM means:

  • Capable Personnel and Processes
  • Corporate Aerospace Dedication
  • Focused Organization
  • Broad Experience
  • Relevant Technology Skills

TAM is divided into several facility groups and units. Among them are:

  • Metallurgy, aluminium, magnesium, iron cast facilities
  • Sheet metal cutting and forming facilities
  • Die and forging facilities
  • Machining facility
  • Aircraft final assembly facility
  • Galvanic surface coating facility
  • Flight-test facility
  • Tooling and special equipment facilities
  • Engineering and design facilities
  • Composite materials production facilities
  • Plant laboratories
  • Quality control units

Unique infrastructure and diversified material and technical base of the enterprise enables it to make civil and military production of different designations and different complexity. One of the most important guarantees for TAM being highly successful is high qualification of the engineers and technical staff and workers employed by the plant. TAM technologies are:

  • Mechanical machining (turning and milling with 5-axis CNC machines)
  • Manufacturing of titanium constructions
  • Casting of steel, aluminium andiron alloys
  • Forging of steel and aluminium alloys
  • Die work of aluminium alloys
  • Cold heading of parts of different grades
  • Riveting various types of constructions
  • Different types of welding of steels, stainless steels, copperand aluminium alloys
  • Conglutinating of parts
  • Production of rubber, glue and plastic parts by differentmethods
  • Production of composite materials: vet lay-up, carbonprepreg lay-up, vacuum bagging, oven cure
  • Manufacturing of parts from glass-wool blanket
  • Heat treatment of aluminium deformable alloys, structural and corrosion-resistant alloys, high-strength alloys, thermaland chemical-thermal processing
  • All type of coating
  • Non-destructive types of inspection
  • Aircraft final assembly

All abovementioned operations are conducted by well-qualified workers and engineers. Currently 1500 personnel are employed in TAM.

The plant has strong engineering and design office which not only ensures support of production of units and items, but it provides new designs and introduces them in the production.The company successfully applies modern technology and engineering techniques, using the CAD/CAM/CAE design process, CATIA v5, Mechanical Desktop, Nastran, Patran, and other advanced programming.

TAM continuously updates its machining capabilities. For this purpose during last two yearsthe enterprise has acquired modern 5-axis turning and milling machines. TAM also provides continual modernization of its existing machines. The plant also operates water jet cutting machines used for different operations such as cutting, shaping, carving and reaming of steel and other metals.

Nowadays TAM has all capabilities for the introduction and manufacturing of new products and parts into serial production.