Su-25 attack aircraft (modifications Su-25K, Su-25UB, Su-25KM)

TAM is a manufacturer of the Su-25 family ground attack aircraft: Su-25K, Su-25UB, Su-25KM (Scorpion). The first Su-25 (known in the West as a “Frogfoot”) took its maiden voyage from the runway of TAM in 1978. Up to date more than 800 units of the aircraft have been exported to different countries of the world. TAM is the exclusive owner of the technical documentation and blueprints of Su-25 aircraft and, accordingly, TAM is the only company in the world, which can offer brand new SU-25 to customers.

The Su-25K aircraft and its modifications Su-25UB and upgradedSu-25KM (Scorpion) are designated for providing direct support of infantry by destroying small-size moving and immovable targets on the battlefield at night and day.

The major services offered by the company include:

  • Production;
  • Reconstruction;
  • Overhaul;
  • Repair;
  • Modernization;
  • Major repair of wings;
  • Major repair of armaments;
  • Renovation of glass cockpits;
  • Major repair of all type of aircraft pipeline systems;
  • Major repair of electricity systems;
  • Overhaul of Electricity Units, LCD and Radio-electronic systems;
  • Major repair of electricity distribution boxes, LCD displays and avionic systems;
  • Testing of all systems and aggregates; Complete assembling of repaired aircrafts;
  • Flight and ground testing and etc.;

To interested parties, TAM in cooperation with its partners, can supply upgraded SU-25KM (Scorpion) with updated avionics systems, weapons delivery and navigation system that comply with NATO standards. Upgrade package is tailored to customers’ requirements.