Overhaul and Modernization of Yak52 aircraft

JSC “TAM-Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing”, in cooperation with A.S. Yakovlev Design Bureau, performs overhaul and modernization works of Yak-52 aircrafts. Yak-52M aircraft is modernized version of Yak-52. 

Yak-52M aircraft is destined for carrying out professional selection and preliminary flight training for future pilots, as well as for training of sport pilots. Yak-52M is two-seat single engine monoplane with classical aerodynamic design and low lying wing with retractable tricycle landing gear wheel and is equipped with engine М-14Х(П).

Overhaul and modernization works carried out by TAM include the following:


  • Overhaul of aircrafts;
  • Overhaul of engines;
  • Modification of aircrafts according to all bulletins of A.S. Yakovlev Design Bureau;
  • Modernization of aircrafts under Yak-52M version designed by A.S. Yakovlev Design Bureau;
  • Recovery of logbook documentation;
  • Development of new operations documentation inclusive of aircraft modernization;
  • Aircraft production and completion with new Ground Support Equipments, Test and Control Equipments and Tools;
  • Assignment of new specified, overhaul and operating lives for technical conditions of Yak-52M aircrafts according to the above mentioned works.