JSC “TAM”-Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing (TAM) is one of the leading Georgian enterprises with more than 70 years of experience in the aviation industry.Throughout its history the company has manufactured more than 8500 various types of military aircrafts and exported them to numerous countries in the world.

TAM has an excellent reputation in the aviation industry. The products manufacturedby the enterprise meet the western technical standards as affirmed by its past and existing partner arrangements. In 2001, TAM received EN ISO 9001:2000quality certificate for the design and production of military and civil aircrafts and its components, as well as design and production of non-aviation industrial products. In 2006, TAM received EN 9100:2003 quality certificate for the design, production and maintenance of military aircrafts and its components, parts and the design,production and maintenance of civil aircraft, components and parts as sub-contractor.