JSC “TAM” - Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing was established on December 15, 1941. At the start of the World War II, Taganrog(Russia) and Sevastopol (Ukraine) aviation plants were evacuated in Tbilisi. Soon after the evacuation TAM began production of its first fighter aircraft LaGG-3. During the World War II, the plant had also been manufacturing La-3 and Yak-3 type fighter aircrafts for the Soviet Air Force. At this time TAM was the only supplier of the fighter aircrafts for the Caucasian Front.

Following the World War II, TAM, working in conjunction with the Yakovlev Design Bureau, TAM put into production the first Soviet jet fighter, the Yak-15 in 1946, followed by the Yak-17, Yak-23 and Yak-23 twin-seat trainer jet.

In the 1950s the plant started production of Mikoian's MiG-15 and later, the MiG-17 fighter aircrafts.

In 1957 TAM started production of the MiG-21 two-seater fighter-trainer aircraft and its various derivatives, continuing the MiG-21 production for about 25 years. At the same time the company was manufacturing the K-10 air-to-surface guided missile.

From 1978, TAM started production of Sukhoi Su-25 (known in the west as the "Frogfoot") close support aircraft. More than 800 Su-25swith different variants have been delivered to the customers worldwide. TAM has always been the only manufacturer of this type of aircraft and owns all documentation and drawings.

Along with the Su-25 aircraft the enterprise also launched large scale production of air-to-air R-60 and R-73 IR guided missiles and produced over 6,000 missiles a year.

In the mid 1980s, TAM also participated in the former Soviet space program "Buran" (the Soviet equivalent of the Space Shuttle) by manufacturing and assembling various parts and assemblies for it.

In the late 1990s TAM and the Georgian Space Construction Institute designed and produced the space antenna-reflector which was immediately successfully installed on the MIR Russian space station. 

Today TAM directs its strategy to fully leverage its experience related to the Su-25 aircraft.Starting from early 90’s TAM started the process of production of civil goods. The civil goods produced by TAM range from small gasoline tanks to hydropower turbines.

In 2010, TAM became the government company and is involved in the manufacturing and repair of military aviation production.

Nowadays TAM addresses it’s experience towards modernization of Su-25 Aircraft, in order to meet with the modern standards.

Currently the main activities of the company include production, modernization, overhaul and repair of military aircrafts and production of military goods